Introduction to Arogyadham Holistics :


Aarogyadham Holistics India Private Limited turned into fashioned in 2016. Aarogyadham Holistics is well maintained by means of Ayurvedic physician. Arogyadham Holistic is a place in the lap to offer a entire restoration solution of frame, mind & soul for merchandising of high quality fitness similarly to preventive and curative aspects of health care in lifestyles style issues with Naturopathy and Yoga with Nature Park to stay in concord with Nature. Arogyadham has Naturopathy and Yoga sanatorium, herbal (aonla) lawn, Yoga and Meditation corridor, separate remedy sections for male and girl, eating hall with nutritious vegetarian meals, walkways, library and pastime centers for the gain of citizens.

Aarogyadham Holistics is the essence for all people’s lifestyles in state-of-the-art era mainly as it states that fitness plays the maximum crucial function if one wants to satisfy all the four principal goals of life viz Dharma (way of dwelling), Artha (to earn all substances important to stay a lifestyles), Kama (to maintain the life of human being and one’s family through better progeny) and Moksha (ultimate intention of Hinduism).

Consequently, fitness is taken into consideration as the maximum valuable issue and the handiest reality for all and sundry. Aarogyadham Holistics is an area for all those whose goals are in the direction of achieving the higher fitness through the maximum historical healthcare sciences of the sector. It’s also a center of desire for all folks that want to put off special chronic illnesses. We’re working closer to the betterment of the fitness of the global society via various subjects of health like Ayurveda – Panchakarma, Naturopathy, Yoga – Meditation, Sujok therapy, Acupressure, and colour therapy.





Mission : 

Our task is to provide authentic treatments with affordable quotes for all.

To supply manpowers.

To provide rural employment where ever required.



Vission :

Nature based relaxation – As one of the targets of the Aarogyadham Holistics for exploring Naturopathy, Yoga and Meditation in health car.

To Organizing Naturopathy, Yoga, Meditation & Holistic Living camps in a best environment.

To act as an Health Retreats, Workshops, Symposia for promotion of positive health.


Our Special Team

Dr. Sonali Bharat Wavekar


Dr. Manisha Nandhish Songire – Nalawade